About EnsuenoArtes

In translation, EnsuenoArtes means Daydream Art. The company was founded by Gayland, a visual artist, musician, writer and poet. Originally from Albuquerque, NM. Gayland moved to Northern California in 1984 and spent over 30 years working in the music industry in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Now residing in Joshua Tree, the concept of EnsuenoArtes is to continue to explore ART as an exercise of expression, while allowing the beautiful desert vibe to decorate time, love and life. In a recent interview, Gayland spoke about art and expression saying, 'I view art more as a personal stimulus than a reflection of who I am, or just making a statement. I love viewing other artist's work and rather than viewing a particular piece for what it is, or what the piece is saying, I tend to try to understand what the artist was feeling as they were working on that particular piece. I hope this feeling is conveyed in my work, rather than simply by the work itself."

The EnsuenoArtes collection of Colorful Celebrity Renderings, Skeletons & Day of the Dead imagery have been very popular in and around the Joshua Tree, Coachella Valley and Palm Springs area for several years. It began when Gayland would create his own T-Shirts and wear them. "Random people were always asking me, 'where did you get that shirt?' I would explain that I made it! They would want one, so without even asking, I'd make a sale on the spot and personally deliver shirts to locals or mail them to those living outside the area. With every delivery, I would include a small handmade pamphlet with examples of my other work, which generally translated into another sale." Gayland is now offering his ever-expanding collection of artistic T-Shirts on EnsuenoArtes.com.